Networking for and on behalf of universities development

East Africa Academia has the capacity to create long-lasting networks for and on behalf of universities through structured arrangement. This networking leads to cementing of start of cooperation between universities within the African continent- East Africa Academia and her partner organizations. Successful networking is the medium to unlocking huge potential that remains unexploited between Universities, the private sector, development partners, foundations, charity organizations and Universities alumnus. Networking is vital since its advantages are endless.

Networking leads to closer cooperation between universities and the private sector and in turn brings university students closer to the private sector. The closeness makes it possible for students to forge long lasting relationships with the private sector, foundations, development organizations and international bodies including Universities alumni. University students’ gets mentorship opportunities through this close working relationship including job placements.


East Africa Academia makes it possible for Universities to identify partners that can walk with them in their endeavors to expand education programs through networking.