Fundraising and Fundraising training for Universities

The organization champions to re-unite Alumni and their alma mater through professional fundraising training for universities top management and together with Development partners within the African region and around the world works very closely with Universities within the African Region, Non-governmental organizations, charitable organizations, corporate bodies and other partner organizations within Africa and around the world to support University Education and development programs.

East Africa Academia is motivated to work with Universities to help them discover potential that exists within their Alumni, to help them network and bond with the corporate world, the private sector, other development partners, foundations  and charity organizations  within Africa and around the world with the basic intention of positive transformative engagement.

Since the enactment of universities act 2012, Universities have not fully exploited the provisions of the act to their advantage. It’s noteworthy the act empowers universities to engage their alumni in Universities development agenda and to propel the provision of higher education consultatively with their alumni.

Alumni on the other hand are not aware they can go back to their alma mater and partake on the development initiatives of their universities, support universities bursaries programs for the needy students and innovatively support universities development agenda. Either way, Universities or their alumni are at cross purposes and the few universities that tries to embrace and implement the act are either non enthusiastic about the whole process or many of them do not have the capacity to fully integrate the act in the universities administration.

The fundraising training model of East Africa Academia is meant to equip universities top managers with training on how they can bridge the financial deficit heralded by declining government funding of universities programs such that the programs will continue to operate and run at an optimal capacity void of glitches. Fundraising for higher education programs can only be done via professional engagement with alumni, the corporate world/private sector, development partners, foundations, charity organizations and philanthropists.

With uncertain financial support for Universities from governments across the African continent, it’s given that University education will be threatened if Universities are left to work on their own without the much needed partnership and collaboration with the private sector, development partners, research institutions/think tanks -majority of whom are alumni of various universities, foundations, charities and other development partners.