East Africa Academia is an advocacy organization that’s composed of University Scholars (Professors, Doctors and other professionals) and shares in the conviction that there is need for university advancement and support through alumni participation. The organization operates on a voluntary basis and seeks to create awareness about alumni engagement with their alma mater.

The organization is greatly perturbed that numerous limitations at the higher education institutions such as lack of enough lecturers, professors and lecture halls barricades access to education from among the bright students who qualify to join universities every year such that universities are forced to regulate admissions.

The universities capacities are also limited by overstretched facilities such that they too cannot admit every student even if they overqualified.

East Africa Academia is creating awareness to build consensus on how beneficiaries of university education (Alumni) can come together to support Universities advancement.

We are creating awareness through Afriversity Alumni Conference and Exhibition themed “getting alumni back to their alma mater” to be held at KICC in May- 26th -29th.

At the conference, resolutions will be passed and adopted that will see each corporation begin to support universities through the profits they make every year. Individuals will also pledge support for universities advancement such that-gradually, no student will be denied a chance to build their careers because there are inadequate facilities at the universities. Universities will also create long-lasting networks for students’ mentorship programs.



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